May 18, 2008


It's entirely possible that my love for graphic prints began with the ultra-talented Bay Area designer Jason Munn of The Small Stakes. The narrow perspective here may be that Jason Munn designs gig posters. The broad perspective is that he imagines, designs, and hand screens each print—resulting in simple, yet completely sophisticated, pieces of art for some seriously talented clients. His work has been featured in the likes of SF MOMA and my wall.
These designs are just a few of my favorites. The Stars poster at the top left (hello Moroccan tile!) was my first purchase, and I have acquired a few more since enlisting David to BART it over to Oakland for The Small Stakes scratch and dent sale. From what I heard about THE SALE, it entailed dozens of people lining up outside in a seemingly orderly fashion and then the floodgates opening as customers clawed, in a not so orderly fashion, over the prints. David (not one for the mêlée) spoke with Jason, who seemed surprised by the turnout… though neither of us are quite sure why. {images by Jason Munn of The Small Stakes}

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