May 14, 2008


I have numerous friends who have traveled to and studied abroad in San Sebastián, Basque country Spain, and have often sensed the city’s similarities to Santa Barbara. When I opened my latest issue of Travel + Leisure, the comparison came to life. Although more urban than Santa Barbara, and on a grander, European scale, the city seems to have that same coziness—wedged between low, dark mountains and the beach. Having never traveled to Spain, it has always sort of been my travel dream... just the word Barcelona conjures up hours of daydreaming material. I believe the feeling is called wanderlust. {Image by Javier Salas for Travel + Leisure}
{post script: After visiting Travel + Leisure’s website, I checked out their picks for Great American Beaches… to find that Santa Barbara’s Butterfly Beach is at the top of their list. I prefer Miramar and Summerland Boat Dock beaches myself, but maybe T+L’s editors didn’t make it that far…or they’re keeping our local secrets. Regardless, I guess paradise isn’t so far after all.}

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