June 27, 2008


I have become quite interested in pinhole photography, largely inspired by Rob Gardiner's amazing pinhole work. His black and white photography blog and website NYCLondon is on a hiatus at the moment, but hopefully that will lead to even more incredible photographs.

Rob Gardiner's series Walking The Circle Line, for which he walked the London Tube line taking slow pinhole prints along the way, is one of his projects that should not be missed. I also love his eerie Venice images... {All images copyright Rob Gardiner}


There is big soft warm spot in my heart for Scandinavian design. In addition to being part Scandinavian, I think this is primarily because it is the type of design my parents love and my Mom has an incredible eye for its place in the home. Needless to say, this little snipit from UK Elle Decoration (July 08) was right up my alley. That carafe especially is just so me.

I was also thrilled because I had just picked up a set of Celeber jars from Ikea (designed by Anna Lerinder) that are so similar to the one shown by Ana Lindberg Svensson. I have since seen this style all over the place. {Top image UK Elle Decoration Magazine July 2008. Bottom image Celeber jars and soy sauce pitcher by Anna Lerinder for Ikea}

June 26, 2008


A while ago I came across an interview by Grain Edit with The Small Stakes' Jason Munn and was so pleased to find out more about one of my favorite designers and take a peek inside his studio. I love everything about print and its process, and am pleased to know that each Small Stakes poster is handmade with tender loving care. And a lot of diet coke. Love that.
{Images from Grain Edit. Read the interview here.}

June 25, 2008


I first saw this series of books by Czech illustrator and author M. Sasek in Anthropologie a while back, and could not decide which one to buy. After visiting Venice last spring, I knew it had to be This Is Venice. (Actually, I bought it for DB, and then promptly reclaimed it as my own. See how nicely that works?)The series was first published in the 50s and 60s and the books have recently been republished, giving them a tremendous second wind. I don't think you can go wrong with any of M. Sasek's work, but my favorites have to be This Is London, This Is Hong Kong, and This Is Texas. It is strange how the general feeling and vibe of a city is timeless. I can only hope my non-existent kids like them a third time around! {Images by M. Sasek}

June 24, 2008


I have never owned coasters in my life, but if I were to, they would be these by Modern Twist. I picked these up from the Fireworks store while waiting at Sea-Tac to give as a gift and have to say airport shopping has never been so fruitful. They are made from super soft silicon and allegedly you can write on them in pen and wipe it off...

June 23, 2008


These tumi-ishi wooden stacking blocks, created by Japanese design studio A4, are a modern take on an ancient rock piling game. They look impeccable and remind me why I love the simplicity of Japense design. {Images from A4. Via Apartment Therapy}Rumor has it that A4 is partnering with Umbra Home to release a version these blocks soon. If you are getting married post-production, there is a good chance you will be receiving a set of these from me as a wedding gift....

June 19, 2008


More beautiful calligraphy from Iampeth's collection: {Top images from Francis B. Courtney Scrapbook, bottom image from Iampeth Scrapbook #1. Via Iampeth}

June 18, 2008


Iampeth is an organization committed entirely to the art of handwriting and its preservation. Their website has an amazing archive of handwriting and calligraphy by some of history's greatest penmen. Call me old fashioned, but I love the above alphabet instruction models. {Top image from The New Spencerian Compendium. Bottom image from Gems of Penmanship by Williams & Packard. Via Iampeth}

June 16, 2008


I have been wanting to start an inspiration board (or wall if I could!) for a while and now have new motivation: Arugula Press' chicken wire idea. Ordinary cork boards just haven’t done it for me and now I know why. {Idea and above image by Arugula Press. Via A Cup Of Jo}I think these vintage wire racks from Lost Found Art would work incredibly well too. I love their collections and unique items I would never think to keep—giving pack rats a good name! {antique corn drying rack and vintage deco drying rack images from Lost Found Art}

June 12, 2008


I have been loving my old school plastic Diana+ camera for several months now and recently saw this beauty, the Diana+ Dreamer, at Urban Outfitters. Sigh. They really are amazing little cameras and I'm loving this lovely mint colored model. If you haven't yet owned a plastic "toy" camera, I highly recommend it. For photography novices such as myself, the flaws are what make the photos, so you can't go wrong! {camera from Urban Outfitters}{Images by Katie, taken with Diana+}

June 10, 2008


For what it is, United Airlines' free in-flight Hemispheres Magazine is probably one of the best things about the troubled airlines industry. Between the articles, the sudokus, and the crossword, sometimes I’m set for a whole flight. I recently opened the June issue on a late evening flight to SF to find a well-edited page on... late night eats in SF. I wanted the plane to land in front of every restaurant mentioned. I also found an applicable article on retirement savings in your 20s, one on gorgeous city parks, and an eerily accurate horoscope. There is also something to be said for their fantastic choices in cover art—better than many design magazines out there. I love the March 2008 cover (above), Deep in the Heart of Texas by the very talented Heads of State. {Image via Hemispheres}The Three Perfect Days travel guides are also surprisingly relevant and usually leave me wishing I was landing in the featured destination. Recently they have covered Tokyo, New York, Berlin… lofty goals, but always with a successful and sophisticated delivery. I have become a huge fan. Luckily, you can find all their 3PD guides online. {Images via Hemispheres}


Design blogs start your engines. The USPS has created a series of Eames stamps based on iconic American designers Charles and Ray Eames... they will be available next week and can be purchased here. Imagine how much cooler they will look too with cancellation marks on them. {Images copyright USPS}


As crazy as it may appear, this waterfall off the Brooklyn Bridge is real. The Public Art Fund & City of New York have approved their latest city art installation: New York City Waterfalls.Created by Danish designer/artist Olafur Eliasson, a series of waterfalls will be flowing around NYC from June 26-October 13. They are currently being built in four locations around the city (Brooklyn anchorage of the Brooklyn Bridge, between Piers 4 & 5 in Brooklyn, Pier 35 in Manhattan, and the north shore of Governor's Island) and will be lit by LED lights after sunset. For bridge lovers like my Dad, I imagine the Brooklyn Bridge will be the most spectacular of them all....

Find out more at the press release here. {Renderings from nycwaterfalls.org}

June 5, 2008


These inventive porcelain cereal bowls come from a quirky little website called Frenchknicker which consists of two quirky German girls: Laura Strasser and Milia Seyppel. Couldn't tell you much else other than I would love to eat a bowl of Cookie Crisp out of them! {Image via Frenchknicker}


These art cards are so un-Ikea-esque and noteworthy, I decided to single them out. {by Ikea}


Sometimes Ikea makes me really happy. Okay, a trip to Ikea always makes me really happy. I am convinced that their 50¢ hotdogs and $1.49 vases are the last great deals in town. Here are some things I am loving at the moment (clockwise from top left): Melbu mirror, Sommar blanket, Brodd statues/bookends, Gunghult rocker, Snille chair, Havtorn vases.
{All items from Ikea}

June 4, 2008


In addition to her great eye for new Scandinavian design, Danish blogger Carpe+Item is seriously crafty. Case study: this stunning do-it-yourself lamp shade of recycled calendar. This is the type of originality and creativity that I myself hope to one day share with you on this blog. Guess I better get started! {Images by Svanna Joensen of Carpe+Item}

I also love the fact that her Blogger is clearly Danish... yet she posts in English. Yay Svanna!!

June 1, 2008


Keep Calm Ltd has recently added a new series of prints to their website based on the 1968 Paris Rebellions: Mai 68 posters. While the political and social components of the French rebellions are not something I will get into here, the resulting grass-roots typographic prints are bold and organic. My favorite is the top print: Solidarity with deep sea fishermen. (I imagine it sounds even better in French.){Images from Keep Calm Ltd}


Another one of my favorite sources for hand screened prints online is England-based Keep Calm Ltd. Their limited gallery of unique designs and prints of iconic British slogans are well-edited, go quickly, and should not be missed. I love the duck egg colored, pardon me, coloured, Keep Calm & Carry On. {Image via Keep Calm Ltd}