June 10, 2008


For what it is, United Airlines' free in-flight Hemispheres Magazine is probably one of the best things about the troubled airlines industry. Between the articles, the sudokus, and the crossword, sometimes I’m set for a whole flight. I recently opened the June issue on a late evening flight to SF to find a well-edited page on... late night eats in SF. I wanted the plane to land in front of every restaurant mentioned. I also found an applicable article on retirement savings in your 20s, one on gorgeous city parks, and an eerily accurate horoscope. There is also something to be said for their fantastic choices in cover art—better than many design magazines out there. I love the March 2008 cover (above), Deep in the Heart of Texas by the very talented Heads of State. {Image via Hemispheres}The Three Perfect Days travel guides are also surprisingly relevant and usually leave me wishing I was landing in the featured destination. Recently they have covered Tokyo, New York, Berlin… lofty goals, but always with a successful and sophisticated delivery. I have become a huge fan. Luckily, you can find all their 3PD guides online. {Images via Hemispheres}

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