November 26, 2008


Have a great Thanksgiving everyone! I will be heading up to Washington for the holiday, seeing my family who I always miss, eating sweet potatoes with marshmallows, and taking freezing cold walks hunting for deer antlers. Last year David and I found this bone-white antler frozen in the ground on my grandparents' property. I was bracing myself to find a deer attached to it, and was pleasantly surprised to discover that there wasn't... and that deer shed their antlers! (And that there was already a whole pile of them back at the house.) I will be on the hunt again this year. I love antlers.


I still love these cozy tartan images from last December's Domino... {Via here}

November 24, 2008


Here are my picks for cozy mono-chromatic winter wear. They won't be too needed in SB (unless I am at more freezing cold soccer games like this past Saturday), but will be for all my cold-weather holiday travel! {Clockwise from top left: AE plaid peacoat, Anthropologie grey way cap, House of Cassette cardi-scarf (snagged this for cheap at a sample sale!), Anthropologie flip-top gloves, Target zamora boots}


This weekend I spent some time visiting some of my favorite local shops in Santa Barbara that I hadn't been in for a while. Although I wasn't doing any serious buying this time around (not what a shop owner wants to hear, I'm sure!), I did find a few small accessories/Christmas gifts that I had to have... and was thrilled when I discovered a vintage California postcard section in a shop I adore called Upstairs at Pierre Lafond/Wendy Foster. I found this one among the thick stacks and it is my favorite take away from the weekend. I love the colors so much, it is hard to believe it is from the 1940s (I think)!

November 20, 2008


I cannot wait to see Australia by the amazing Baz Luhrmann. I loved Simply Ballroom, Romeo + Juliet, and of course Moulin Rouge. All his films have left a big impact on me. The cinematography, scenery, and travel adventure... hopefully it won't disappoint! View the beautiful trailer here.

November 19, 2008


I bookmarked the sneak peek of Christie Chase's beautiful bungalow on Design Sponge a while back after falling for her round bull's eye mirror, which reminds me of a bird's nest. I love round mirrors! It's still on my mind, so I thought I would share it here...anyone know where it's from? I also love the large golden silverware hanging in the photo below and grey that she uses on the walls in her other rooms. View more photos here. {via Design Sponge}

November 18, 2008


Kikkerland is one of my favorite design companies - they always seem to have the perfect something and are an amazing source for gifts. Currently, I love their clever stick-on decor blackboards. (It's just too bad that chalk makes my skin crawl!)

November 17, 2008


I once read about the concept that blogging curbs consumerism, perhaps because you feel as if you own each and every glamorous thing you post about? I have to say that I have found that to be quite true... unless it's a graphic print or a paper product, in which case, I probably really do own it. In any case, look at all my new frivolous GOLD finds I wish I owned!

{Clockwise from top left: Eduardo Garza for Vivre gold and wood coasters, Roseark shark tooth necklace, Conran Shop bar of gold door stop, Rab Labs gold trimmed crystal tray, SURevolution gold leaf butter dish, Alexis Bittar gold bubble ring, Cavallini florentine frame, Patricia Von Musulin gilded wood cuff, J. Crew passport cover, Tozai Home monstera leaf}


is beautifully done and makes me wish for rain. And Europe. {By Marta V. via .v. Try to say that 5 times fast!}

November 14, 2008


THE SARTORIALIST goes to Rio. I remember the tile pattern of the boardwalk in Rio so well from my trip there years ago...

ORK POSTERS is having a $7 off sale... just for today!

There is also a GREAT IMAGE up for sale on 20x200.

I think these BLANKETS are fun.

I am headed to LA this weekend for the birthdays of my dear friends the BRONZANS.

Please keep SANTA BARBARA in your prayers through the weekend as we continue to fight the Tea Fire, which began yesterday evening and has taken a massive toll on the Montecito and Santa Barbara communities—including Westmont College, my alma mater, which has lost some of its beautiful campus. {Photos here and here}

{Top image: card by Egg Press}


Too bad the Rubitone Cube is just conceptual, otherwise I would like one in my Christmas stocking! {Design by Ignacio Pilotto}

November 12, 2008


I saw this on SwissMiss today and had to share it: "Air Lines is an art project showing worldwide airliner routes. Every single scheduled flight on any given day is reresented by a fine line from it's point of origin to it's port of destination. Thereby forming a net of thousands of lines. Hubs like JFK, FRA or DXB turn into dark knots where lines meet, lesser served local services are only are a subtle hint." You can also buy a copy of the print for a reasonable amount -- think Christmas gift. {Air Lines}


I popped in to Anthropologie yesterday and picked up these new Thank You notes from Orla Kiely. It was love at first sight really. I also wanted nearly every notebook by her in the store and am loving her paper line. {Image copyright Orla Kiely and D Rowan}

November 9, 2008


I just returned from a week in Kauai, where I successfully managed to vacate my life (though not the election of course...sort of a weird to watch an election while on vacation). Let my cell phone charge die, didn't look at a computer... and just swam with the fishies every day. I hope to update more later with some of my favorites from the island—you should go! In the meantime, thought I'd share some of my photos. (Click to enlarge)