November 17, 2008


I once read about the concept that blogging curbs consumerism, perhaps because you feel as if you own each and every glamorous thing you post about? I have to say that I have found that to be quite true... unless it's a graphic print or a paper product, in which case, I probably really do own it. In any case, look at all my new frivolous GOLD finds I wish I owned!

{Clockwise from top left: Eduardo Garza for Vivre gold and wood coasters, Roseark shark tooth necklace, Conran Shop bar of gold door stop, Rab Labs gold trimmed crystal tray, SURevolution gold leaf butter dish, Alexis Bittar gold bubble ring, Cavallini florentine frame, Patricia Von Musulin gilded wood cuff, J. Crew passport cover, Tozai Home monstera leaf}


Ares said...

wow, I love your blog, too many beautiful things and meanings in one place. great.

(I'm sorry, my english is too bad but I'm working on it)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much!