November 24, 2008


Here are my picks for cozy mono-chromatic winter wear. They won't be too needed in SB (unless I am at more freezing cold soccer games like this past Saturday), but will be for all my cold-weather holiday travel! {Clockwise from top left: AE plaid peacoat, Anthropologie grey way cap, House of Cassette cardi-scarf (snagged this for cheap at a sample sale!), Anthropologie flip-top gloves, Target zamora boots}

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Bukola said...


I found your blog via design sponge. It's great reading! We both like similar things it seems. Hey, I'm curious how did you create the collage in this post? I'm guessing photoshop, but how did you make them look so seamless together?

I have a blog too actually, I just haven't written in it since May. Still depressed to write in it after my lay off i guess.

I'll keep reading your though!