April 24, 2009


Jess Chamberlain of Sunset Magazine has been killing it as a guest blogger over at Design Sponge this week with her eco-friendly posts and interviews. I loved her post on Flora Grubb Gardens in San Francisco and her post on Michelle Kaufman of Michelle Kaufman Designs, the progressive design firm that paired with Sunset to create the Sunset Breezehouse. I have to admit I have a slight fear of prefab homes, but this eco-friendly model defies my fears and I love it! Click here to find out more about the environmental efficiency of the Breezehouse.


jess chamberlain said...

Katie - You're so sweet! :)
It's an honor to get a shout out on Ink & Post! x Jess

Paige said...

Hey Katie... just found your blog via Rayas... love it!

I think that there is one of these homes in downtown SB... I seem to remember a feature on it in either SB Mag or Central Coast Living, or something like that.

Haven't heard what you up to in a while... hope all is well!