July 31, 2009


I'll be in San Francisco this weekend (with all my toy cameras in tow) to see David, take in a Giants game (the first one we've been to all summer!), and enjoy some time outdoors in one of the most fun cities... {photo by ink & post}

July 30, 2009


I had to share these remarkably unnecessary yet amazing marshmallow boxes designed for Ford & Ching.... yet another find from my favorite new to me design blog, notcot. {photos by notcot, designed by Andrew Riiska}


Today my little brother Matt is flying to Munich and spending the next 2 months traversing across Europe... lucky duck! I'm hoping to make it out there at some point to join in the fun.... last minute trip anyone? {Image by Douglas Wilson, who has a fantastic set of travel photos}

July 28, 2009


I am excited about this post for so many reasons... but mostly because my closest friends Lindsay and Raan are getting married! And soon! I am also excited to share a few of their beautiful engagement photos taken in a few secret gardens of Santa Barbara by Raya of the Paper Pony... so pretty! And the best is yet to come...


Wilhelm Staehle has been creating some great new pieces for his Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre... which are now available in the very fun Bazaarium shoppe. {Via notcot}

July 22, 2009


Have you seen the crazy innovative Black and White Clock, designed by Vadim Kibardin??? It is like nothing I have ever seen... each digit is independent, contains its own OLED power supply, and changes from black to white as it moves from day to night. Oh, and it keeps time.The current status of the project is "searching for manufacturer," so here's to hoping they find one soon! {Images and project information from Kibardin Design}

July 21, 2009


Can't wait for the upcoming release of The Sartorialist Scott Schuman's book... his street (and fashion set) style photographs are some of my favorites... (next to Garance of course!) {Order a copy here}

July 16, 2009


Vera Wang's line of ribbon necklaces are so lovely... I would like one of each please!


I found this Soho factory conversion, home of Marcus Nispel, featured on Loft Life to be quite amazing... The loft boasts 20 foot ceilings and is complete with a pool on the bottom floor. {Photographs by Francesca Giovanelli}

July 12, 2009


I have been loving the latest offerings from Swedish design line Sagaform... view the catalogue here.

July 9, 2009


I am loving the layout and design of Brian Gossett's Heist Series... his mixes are free to download and do a pretty good job of transporting you right into a heist film.


After a panda-crazed zoo in Thailand began to see a loss of interest in its elephants, they decided to, of course!, paint the elephants... which is sort of genius when you think about it.

July 6, 2009


Hope you all had a great 4th of July! Just wanted to share graphic designer and artist Christelle Bonnet's Niveaux de ciel and Niveau de gris projects...

July 1, 2009


Can you believe it is July?! In my opinion, this is when summer truly begins. I am headed to Seattle and then eastern Washington to visit family and friends... and it is just my luck that it is super sunny and warm up there! (I am also lucky to be getting out of SB this weekend... MJ madness.) Have a great 4th of July weekend whatever it is you get up to! {Image by the talented fashion photographer Camilla Akrans}