December 14, 2009


I love these cozy images of Delancey restaurant in the Ballard area of Seattle, which was recently featured on sfgirlybybay. Not only does the food look amazing, but the couple behind the quaint new restaurant do everything from the menu to the cooking to running the business... and you can tell they do it all with a lot of love. It's definitely on my list next time I'm home visiting family.


Anonymous said...

bring a snack...we showed up on a weeknight, with "an hour" wait...1:45 later, we watched as several tables of 4 people were seated ahead of us. "Well, you're 3 people and we only have two 3-seaters". Lame. The food is good, but it's I enjoy the heck out of her blog, but I'm not looking to repeat the experience, the restaurant is just too feral.

ink and post said...

Thanks for sharing. Hopefully they will work out some of the kinks. Must be tough to open a new restaurant!