April 7, 2010


Just wanted to share a few of the things I've been posting lately over at svpply... {Leica camera case / United Nude pump / Anthropologie poncho & necklace / Pia Wallen blanket / The Small Stakes Music Posters / Calypso St. Barth scarf / Otto fan / AE swimsuit}


Raya Carlisle said...

SVPPLY? I've never heard of it! Must check it out. And I have that suit in a different print - love it.

Rachel {little bits of lovely} said...

Those shoes are hot. As is the scarf! Will check out Svpply! I have left something for you at my blog today! xx

INK AND POST said...

hi raya! yes, svpply is my new favorite... "retail bookmarking" as they call it :)

And rachel, thanks for the link!