February 14, 2011


Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day... thought I'd wish you a sweet one with this floral heart print by one of my favorites, Rifle Paper Co. xo.


seesaw designs said...

i've been wanting that print for awhile. so sweet and lovely. hope your v-day was great.

Unknown said...

one of favorites too!!

Kwillis731 said...

Happy Valentine's day to you too! I LOVE your blog!
In the process of changing my front entry in the spring.... using the 2 orange trees idea. Love to you my favorite wild golf cart riding friend~

INK AND POST said...

Karen! So happy to read your name on my blog. Hope all is well in Michigan :)

Monika - Twoja Asystentka said...

so sad that next valentines are something about 360 days ahead.
It's a little bit folky - like one of my previous posts http://efektnimbu.blogspot.com/2011/03/folk.html

Spring hugs to you!