March 28, 2012


David has been drawn down to Australia for work a few times recently and I'm super excited to finally be joining him! We'll be in Sydney and then up to Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef. If you have any Australian recommendations, let me know! Can't wait for both. Here are a few things that have been on my mind... {citizens of humanity floral thompson jeans / Apolis for Incu Australia market tote / klorane dry shampoo for the long haul flight / anthropologie pleated optic dress / lemlem scarf / photo of the whitsundays from the air by the cherry blossom girl / bondi baths print by carlo van de roer / mint polish from face stockholm / jcrew straw chambray hat / dinosaur designs australia bangles / sydney design guide}


claire said...

You must be so excited. You're going to love it! Sydney is amazing and if you get the chance make sure you head up to the Northern Beaches. When you're in Queensland stop off on the Sunshine Coast. I live near Noosa (heard of it?) and it's very beautiful and quiet. You could also visit Australia Zoo - I'm not a zoo person but Mr Irwin's one is fab.
I could go on forever. Ahhhh there's so much to do, you're going to have the BEST time x

health-today said...

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Stephcarmen said...

Depends when you're coming :-)At the moment it's been raining for a while so you won't get to see much. Bondi beach is very iconic. Climbing the Harbour Bridge is definitely a big one too.
There's Paddy's Market's on the weekend in the city, pretty close to Darling Harbour which is also pretty iconic. :-)
Taronga Zoo is very close to the Harbour, however if you're wanting to pet Kangaroo's and hold Koala's you should go to Featherdale Wildlife Park. I hope you have a great time!!